Why Choose Us

logo-WQA-TransparentManagement systems are currently sweeping the globe and Worldwide Quality Assurance can bring the system that is right for your company directly to your front door. Management system can apply to any business of any size, whether service or product oriented.

All of Standards are common sense standards that help you obtain a consistency with the desired quality of your product or service. We can assist you every step of the way to becoming a company certified in the standard that suits your specific needs.

WQA UK are an accredited certification Body, they are required to meet established international standards and are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that these standards are maintained. WQA UK are accredited by UKAS and their scope of accreditation with these authorities is one of the widest available.

Once you achieve registration to your chosen management system standard, you are then armed with a valuable marketing tool and the award of the certificate will enable you to announce your success to your customers, stakeholders and the community at large.

We will work in partnership with your organization to ensure that you have implemented your management system in line with the requirements of the standard and provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations for future assessments, at the end of each visit.


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